Jim Chiddix is one of those rare engineers who can explain anything technical to anyone. A native of Easton, Pennsylvania, and an alumnus of Cornell University, Jim arrived in Hawai‘i in 1971. After a brief stint working on a charter sailboat, he took a job with a small rural cable TV company. It was then that he discovered the last vestiges of the Oahu Railway, which became an enduring interest. After fifteen years on O‘ahu, including eight years as chief engineer for Oceanic Cable in Honolulu, job opportunities led him back to the mainland. His career with Time Warner moved him from Hawai‘i to Colorado to Connecticut and on to Manhattan. He was formerly CEO at OpenTV, a software company based in San Francisco. Jim Chiddix now serves on serveral cable and technology boards, including Virgin Media in the U.K. He and his wife, Trudy, return often to Hawai‘i where his fascination with the Oahu Railway led to the research for this book. He has also begun a model layout of the OR&L at his Evergreen, Colorado, home.

MacKinnon Simpson was "raised up" near the tiny village of Pottersville, NJ, in a farmhouse dating to the Revolution. There he attended a two-room school and explored the hills and hollows with a couple of dogs and a fishing rod and can of worms (or, depending on the season, the same dogs and a .22 rifle).often trudging the old roadbed of the long-defunct "Rock-A-Bye Baby" (officially the Rockaway Valley line), imagining the clack of the loco’s wheels, the creak of peach-laden boxcars headed for big city markets, and the whistle’s echo across the hills. Somewhat miraculously—after jiggling to high school every day on the DL&W—Simpson still has functioning kidneys. His love for trains survived as well. He is a volunteer with the Hawaiian Railway Society.

A Princeton alumnus, he has called Hawai‘i home since 1970, and spent much of that time as a writer/historian/designer. Next Stop Honolulu! was his 19th book project. Simpson is the proud father of two absolutely perfect children—Malia and Alika—and father-in-law to a similarly perfect Scott Tanaka.

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