Actually three mysteries!

The not-so-secret World War II “Army Extension?: For many years, people battled over the existence of a secret railway that was supposedly built by Army Engineers and connected the Wahiawa branch of OR&L with the main line at the North Shore, using the tracks of the Waialua Agricultural Company. We have discovered news articles, track photos, personal memories and the Army’s budgets, all verifying the line’s existence, BUT we need a map and more photos.

The funeral car(s): Oahu Railway created the first planned housing development in the Islands. Called Pearl City, it offered house lots and featured Remond Park, a large picnic grounds and dance pavilion. In 1901 the line also created Loch View, a private cemetery overlooking the waters of Pearl Harbor. Contemporary newspaper articles mention funeral cars, as does OR&L’s own annual register. No identified photos exist; however, this unidentified combination coach might have doubled as a funeral car. Thoughts?

The speeder: Little vehicles like this, also called "putt-putts," were used to zip around the line. Larger ones were used to inspect the track and ferry track section gangs out to replace ties and rails. Any idea of the maker of this speeder? Date is reputed to be 1906.

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